Philipp Rudolf Humm

Artist Biography

Known primarily for his large-format narrative paintings and bronze sculpture work exploring the contradictions and idiosyncrasies of contemporary life, Philipp Rudolf Humm is an artist with a long history of skilfully manipulating the iconography of popular culture. A philosopher by training, Humm began painting at a young age until, like Gauguin before him, a career in business took him away from his own practice and saw him apply his talents instead to roles such as CEO of tech-companies.

On returning to his first passion, Humm’s contemporary practice brought together the intellectual rigour of a trained philosopher with the ironic eye of one used to moving markets and a deep understanding of technology. Through stories based on history and on societal critique, Humm dissects concepts of Authenticity, Absurdity and the impact of Technology on mankind. He uses figures familiar from modern pop culture with icons of classical art; Botticelli’s Venus, Manet’s Olympia, Fouquet’s Melun Diptych Madonna. Compositions are defined by both their origins in Heideggerian existentialist and metaphysical thinking, and by their rendering in a hard-edged, Pop Art style that saw critic Edward Lucie-Smith label Humm as the first ‘Pop-Expressionist’.

Philipp Rudolf Humm was born in 1959 in Germany. He holds a BA in Philosophy at Saarland University, Germany and a MBA from IMD in Switzerland. On returning to his art practice, he studied one year at London’s Fine Art Studio and Florence’s Academy of Art. Humm had a museum exhibition in Las Vegas. Solo shows of his work have taken place at London’s Riflemaker Gallery, Hix and at an exclusive event at Saatchi and Olympia hall in London. He has been a finalist for the Ashurst, Circle Art, Sunny Art Centre and Broadway Art Festival, and his work has been included in group shows in London, Berlin/Remagen, Venice and New York. His work was presented at art fairs in NYC and Los Angeles and at an auction at Sotheby’s.

Humm’s artwork has been widely reviewed by the art- and general-press with his first show covered on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.
Humm currently lives and works in London.


Metropolitan Gallery – Art Museum of Nevada – Las Vegas -USA

Sotheby’s Charity auction with New York Academy of Art – NYC – USA

– Context – New York – USA
– Modern and Contemporary – Los Angeles – USA

Saphira & Ventura Gallery – New York – USA
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi – Its Liquid competition – Venice
Sunny Art Centre Art Prize (sculpture) – London
Gallery Sans Titre – Potsdam/Germany
Solo event – Luxury Law Summit – London
Solo event – Mark Hix – London
Solo event – Rolls Royce – London
Solo – CNB Gallery – London
Solo event – Saatchi Gallery with Wallpaper/Rossana- London
Solo – Riflemaker Gallery – London
Werkhallen Gallery – Remagen – Germany
Walton Fine Arts Gallery – London
Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize – London
Broadway Art Festival – Little Buckland – UK
Best International Creatives 2016 – Art Quench Gallery.com – USA
Exclusive artist of the PURE Fair at Olympia – London


Featured in Magazine Contemporary 3 – USA – January ’18
Featured in 3 Magazines: Circle Art, Wotisart and Average Art September ’17
Book: “Pop Expressionism- Works on Paper from Philipp Rudolf Humm” by
Edward Lucie-Smith Dec ‘16


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