Artist Statement – PHILIPP RUDOLF HUMM

Philipp Rudolf Humm (b. 1959, Saarbruecken, Germany) is a Belgian/German painter and sculptor, based in London. Humm was a painter from young age on, yet – like Gauguin- pursued first a successful business career as entrepreneur and executive. Since 2015, Humm has become a full-time artist. He studied life painting at the London Fine Art Studios and sculpture at the Fine Art Academy in Florence. Humm has also a BA in Philosophy and a MBA.


Humm’s art combines Pop art and Expressionism to a new art form which the reputable Art Critique Edward Lucie Smith has labelled “Pop Expressionism”

  • like (US) Pop Art he uses irony/parody, hard edge compositions, vivid colors and recycle images of popular and mass culture incl. iconic imagery from Old Masters. Contrary to Pop Art his art is representational figurative and narrative
  • Like (German) Expressionism he presents the world from a subjective perspective, staging it with surreal elements – to evoke ideas. Contrary to Expressionism, he focuses less on emotions and more on his Neo-Existential Philosophy‘Humm’s paintings succeed, very often, because they offer the viewer an echo chamber, one that resounds with cultural references, ancient and modern.’ – Edward Lucie-Smith, art critic


Humm’s art draws from his philosophical framework

  • Authenticity based on Facticity and Time Facticity acknowledges our genetic, social and historical pastTime is finite – time left to live (“Beckett : “waiting for Godot”)In a world where we are free to make decisions (Camus: “the possibility of suicide makes of all of us existentialists”) Authenticity is about optimising our finite time to not have regrets. It is about grasping our inner core and not the projections of others
  • The Absurdity of our Individuality Individuality ends with death. Individuality beyond death means trading in freedom for religion.An Individuum has no higher meaning but to foster the larger ecosystem it is part of (earth/universe). Contrary to Kirkegard/Camus who believed Absurdity to be the inability of humans to finding the meaning of the universe. In a way, we are like a cell in a body which has no own meaning (Daseinsberechtigung), but for serving the body it inhabits.Humans can derive meaning from reproduction or from creating things which benefit future generations – like Art.
  • The obsoleteness of Mankind Short-term, Technology can repair most human mistakes like overpopulation and environmental issues (Tech Optimism)Medium-term, Technology will displace Mankind as it will do a better job preserving the world we inherited. Nietsche’s “Overman” will be a machine!

Sunny Art Centre Art Prize – London
Gallery Sans Titre – Potsdam/Germany
Solo event – Luxury Law Summit – London
Solo event – Mark Hix –  London
Solo event – Rolls Royce – London
Solo – CNB Gallery – London
Solo – Saatchi Gallery with Wallpaper/Rossana- London

Solo – Riflemaker Gallery – London
Werkhallen Gallery – Remagen – Germany
Walton Fine Arts Gallery – London
Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize – London
Broadway Art Festival – Little Buckland – UK
Best International Creatives 2016 – Art Quench Gallery.com – USA
Exclusive artist – PURE London (Olympia) – London


Book: Pop Expressionism- Works on Paper from Philipp Rudolf Humm by
Edward Lucie-Smith
Selected to be featured by Average Art September
Selected to be featured by Wotisart September
Selected to be featured by Circle-Arts September

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